Welcome to Shadow Mysteries

Shadow Mysteries runs role play murders for the entertainment of small parties. It keeps murder where it belongs – in the living room and in the mind. These mysteries are played out over an evening, with all the players trying to uncover the culprit(s) without revealing too much of their own chequered pasts. The culprit(s) are trying to keep their secrets undiscovered.

There are a few house rules:

  • The culprit is allowed to lie, but only about the dirty deed itself.  All other players must tell the truth unless their brief specifically states otherwise.
  • Any direct question must be answered truthfully. You can be vague if that satisfies your questioner.
  • You may not ask anybody a direct question about what is in their brief.
  • Most important of all – enjoy the evening and be as over-the-top as you wish.

If you would like more information or would like to have a mysteries run for a group of friends at a venue of your choice then please email:


We would be very pleased to hear from you.

The mysteries that are available are:

Adventure Club        Aspen Jewellery       Dead Ball     Deadly Agenda     Double Trouble

Executive Action     Morte en Mayfair     Reunion       Sinister Plot         Tunnel Vision