Significant dates

Date Present Event
12/9/51 all girls Arrival at Cecelia Park Hall of Residence in Durham. All girls were accommodated in Trinity corridor
Sept 52 Phyllis, Gillian Move into a flat in Crosby St, Durham
2/6/53 Betty, Peter Meet at Coronation party and start dating
Sept 53 Jane, Veronica, Georgina, Betty Move into larger flat in house with second flat occupied by Peter Holt and Nigel Binks.
12/9/53 All Peter and Veronica start dating at joint birthday party for Daphne and Betty. Georgina meets and starts dating Alan Evans
June 54 all girls Taking finals
1/7/54 Avril, Jane, Veronica, Peter Arts graduation ceremony
2/7/54 Daphne, Phyllis, Gillian, Georgina, Betty Science graduation ceremony
4/7/54 All Wedding of Veronica to Peter Holt, Church of St Peter & St Paul, West Horsley, Surrey. Bridesmaids Miss Ann Burton, Miss Georgina Cole. Best Man Mr Alan Evans
31/7/54 Jane Leaves to undertake Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) in India.
10/10/54 Daphne Ian Wright wins the parliamentary seat of Sussex Downs for the Conservatives in a by-election. Daphne canvassed on his behalf and was present at the count.
12/9/54 Peter Graduates as PhD in Electronics
5/2/55 Peter, Veronica Birth of Amy Jane Holt.
8/6/55 Phyllis Promoted to First Lieutenant, WRNS
23/12/55 Jane Returns from India
4/4/57 all Wedding of Georgina to Alan Evans, Church of St Saviour in the Field, Woodbridge Suffolk. Matron of Honour Mrs Veronica Holt. Bridesmaids Miss Jane Evans, Miss Betty Grange. Best Man Mr Peter Evans.
5/6/57 Avril Avril’ parents, Arthur and May Cooper and her younger brother Charles are all killed in a house fire at their home in Sandwich Kent.
5/8/58 Georgina Birth of James Arthur and Henry John Evans.
14/12/58 Phyllis Promoted to Commander, WRNS
17/1/59 Gillian Qualifies as a doctor
3/7/59 all girls 5 year reunion at the home of Sir Geoffrey and Lady Abigail Smythe, parents of Daphne, at Blayden, Oxfordshire.
3/8/59 Daphne Ian Wright appointed Junior Minister at the Foreign Office
18/9/59 all girls plus Peter Holt and Peter Cooper Wedding of Daphne to Ian Wright MP, Church of St Peter the Fisherman, Blayden, Oxfordshire. Bridesmaids Miss Avril Cooper, Miss Gail Wright and Miss Susan Sharples. Best Man Rt. Hon. Bradbury Deekes MP.
3/4/60 Daphne Birth of Benjamin Ewan Wright
7/9/61 Betty Awarded MSc in Mathematics with computing
7/3/62 Daphne Birth of Victoria Jane Wright
4/4/62 Gillian Gillian’s parents separate and subsequently divorce
6/6/64 all girls plus Peter Holt and Ian Wright MP Wedding of Avril to Peter Cooper, Church of St Bride, Fleet St, London. Matron of Honour Mrs Daphne Wright. Bridesmaids Miss Petra Cooper and Miss Julie Cooper. Best Man Mr Austin Grant.
29/6/64 Daphne Ian Wright promoted Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food on the resignation, through ill heath of Cuthbert Hughes.